Front End Developer

Front End Developer

Ref #: 00071

Experience level: 10+ Years

Employment Type: Contract

Remuneration: $1,000 per day + GST

Availability: 4 weeks' notice

Key skills include:

  • React
  • Relay
  • Graphql
  • Redux
  • Rxjs
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js

Experience Summary:

  • Bo is a React based Front End developer with 5+ years experience working as a contractor for major organisations such as Westpac, Vodafone, Unibet.
  • He prides himself on creative UI development, being repsonsible for both internal and external systems across B2B and B2C enviroments helping create React libraires which are reusable across the whole organisation.
  • He also has experince across full stack being responsbile for CI/CD pipelines in DevOps.

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