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Supporting People Success

People are the key to your business success. We can help with that.

Finding an exceptional specialist who will contribute to your company culture is a tough task. You have to create a captivating job advertisement. Then you have to sort through the mountain of resumes and cover letters. Then comes the many stages of interviews before — fingers crossed — finding that perfect hire. 

And it doesn’t end there  your new hire needs to stick around! You’ll have to train and onboard to help them settle into their new role.

The reality is that hiring top talent in a competitive market is incredibly time-consuming and a huge drain on company resources. But what if you had access to a network of Australia’s top talent and someone who understood your company culture as well as you do?



candidates placed since 2003

Sirius People is a specialist recruitment agency based in Sydney, Parramatta and Melbourne. We recruit specialised professionals for contract and permanent roles across a number of industries, including Technology, Business Support, Digital, Blue Collar, and Sales & Marketing.

We have shortened the recruitment process by embedding our experienced consultants into their specialised communities. Each of our consultants owns a network of 700+ candidates, whom they speak with every month. We also connect with our candidates through our social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. This gives you access to both active and passive talent; and enables us to deliver high-quality, specialised candidates to you in a timely manner.

We partner with you to really get to know your culture and pain points. By painting a full picture of your business, our consultants can reach into our ever-growing specialist networks to quickly find exceptional talent who will help you achieve your company’s goals. This is one of the reasons why many of our current clients have partnered with us over the years.

We qualify our specialists so you don't have to.


""Very helpful and experienced recruiter, passionate and dedicated to her role.""

-Phillip H. , GM Infrastructure & Development, Merri Health

"Sirius Technology is a great organisation and their consultants are very attentive. They have taken the time to understand our needs and find fantastic people, who are the right fit with a great attitude."

-Justin E. , Head of Data, Tal

"I find that the consultants really get involved with us to understand our requirements and needs. They are always available to help and are real people — they are friendly & just great to talk with. I would highly recommend them to others."

-Angie R. , Warehouse Logistics Manager at Freedom Foods Ingleburn

"Donna was the ultimate professional in the way she went about things and embraced the challenge of a very difficult role. She showed perseverance, plenty of patience and genuine commitment to find us the perfect candidate."

-Edward F. , Head of Technology at EFM Logistics

"Sirius People are "Serious" about teamwork and getting the right employees for all our Production and Transport needs. I've been using them for 4 years now and highly recommend this recruitment company. They're efficient, on time, and laid-back."

-Charles P. , Factory Manager at Sturdy Framac

"Sandee made the recruitment process of hiring a temp receptionist for our business super easy. She knew our business and what we needed for the front desk, only put forward suitable candidates and we were very impressed."

-Melanie V. , Group Executive Assistant at Austral Brickworks Pty Ltd

"Quality of candidate, easy to process timesheets and invoices. Consultant understood our needs."

-Robyn M. , Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia

"As an internal recruiter, I have received great assistance from Sandee and Tahfim. I would recommend Sirius to both recruitment peers for recruitment assistance and any personal contacts seeking employment/candidates to contact the Sirius team."

-Cindy M. , Boral


"​They are so keen with strong determination to find the best job for me"

-Pei Xun Chow

"Sirius People sets the standard when it comes to people management and placement. They have consistently placed me in fabulous roles that undoubtedly exceeded my expectations and are frequently touching base to ensure everything is going well. I’ll continue to work with Sirius because they’re a great, hardworking, fun bunch of people who actually care about those they work with. "

-Jon B.

"Sirius has helped me secure my first banking job here in Sydney. Really professional, cooperative and professional people you’ll love working with. Thanks a lot, mates!"

-Ashutosh J.

"I have had a great experience with Donna Bowen, and I know other managers at my company have also. Sirius is a dedicated team who take the time to understand what their candidates can offer. Donna and team are also great at organising tech events - make sure you get on the list for their Tech Talk!"

-Robert G.

"Donna Bowen is a talented and generous recruiter. She will not only help you track your next opportunity, but also find a suitable match. I would highly recommend her."

-Steve G.

"Donna Bowen is professional, efficient, helpful and friendly. Sirius is well organised with very good back-office systems for timesheeting etc, which makes working with them extremely smooth. Would highly recommend them."

-Tim N.

"Industrious People is very committed to its workers. Since I had the interview with Natasha, she has been very professional, friendly and always working hard to find me temp work. I feel very comfortable working with Industrious People. I would 100% recommend their services."

-Catalina E.

"I was an international student with no Australian experience. Getting a job was becoming impossible, but she not only got me a job in no time — she got me a great job. She's super helpful, proactive and understanding, and follows up to make sure you are doing ok! I believe she’s the best at Sirius! Thank you"

-Yetunde B.

"Helpful and approaching employees at Sirius who love to stay connected and update candidates with regards to recruiting the right people for the right job. The team goes above and beyond to help candidates like me land in good-paying jobs. Thank you, Steven Chung, you are one of them :)"

-Marushka S.

"A wonderful company very committed to people, quick response and Tahfim has been an incredible person."

-Francesca V.

"I was an international student and it was hard to find a job, regardless of career background, with work limitations. But with Sirius, they were so supportive not just with my visa limitations but also with my exam schedule. Tahfim even called me on Saturday afternoon to make sure she can help me prepare for my Monday morning interview. She checks in with me every once in a while, which may be part of her job, but she does it in a personal way and you know she cares."

-Deraljin C.

"I wish I could rate 10+1. Not just because I got the job, but because of the excellent service, better understanding of roles, candidates and regular updates. Feels good to know that you (candidate) are treated as a human, not just a target number."

-Neha M.

"I found the process very smooth. The consultants who assisted me were very friendly and took time to understand my skill set and which step in my career I was approaching."

-Nathan V.

"Donna, Has been proactive, enthusiastic, and most importantly supportive. She checks in with me regularly and it’s always great to speak with her."

-Bibiana D.

"They dedicated onbehalf of us to get a suitable job... So impressed about follow up."

-Minhaj M

"Dhwanee was really professional in arranging interview and then post interview feedback."

-Saurabh M.

"My interactions with Jeremy Steele and Amaranda impressed me. Jeremy kept me in the loop regarding my application progress and provided sufficient background information on the role to help me progress with every interview stage. Whilst I was not successful at the final stage of the application, I look forward to working with the team again."

-Maria K.

"I found that the process is smooth. People who assisted me where very friendly and understood my skills and what I really was approaching as the next step in my career"

-Adam A.

"Quite Supportive Covid-19 help on how to apply smartly to jobs in such conditions Tips to elevate skills when at home big appreciation for consultants for helping out on every stage of recruitment and updates instantly."

-Saghar B.

"Charmaine and Kim are assisting me at every step and keeping me updated at every step. They have been very kind, helpful and patient with my queries. :)"

-Anshum J.

"Jack was wonderful to work with and he was a really great communicative intermediary between myself and my new employer."

-Merran D.

Supporting People Success









Our Values are at the heart of every aspect of our business. It lives within every meeting and presentation, both internally and with our clients and candidates. To bring our values to life, we developed a Cultural Statement that empowers us to consistently deliver excellent service to our valued clients and candidates.

We are team first. We lead the way. We embrace a growth mindset. We accept responsibility and accountability. We are humble and are measured by our outcomes. We keep it simple and keep going. We are fun and We collaborate. Everything We do reflects our values.We are the competition. 
Supporting People Success every step of the way.

Sirius People Timeline

About Us
Sirius Support was first launched in 2006. The division specialises in the temporary and permanent recruitment of skilled Business Support professionals — including Call Centre, Customer Support, Administration and Office Support — across all industry sectors and disciplines.

August 2006

About Us
Industrious People was first launched in 2007. The division specialises in the temporary and permanent recruitment of Blue Collar professionals — including Warehousing, Manufacturing, Transport, General Labouring and Logistics — across a number of industry sectors.

March 2007

About Us
Sirius Sales & Marketing was first launched in 2009 and underwent a transformation in late 2017. The division specialises in the temporary and permanent recruitment of skilled Sales, Events and Marketing professionals across all industry sectors.

June 2009

About Us
In June 2010, we opened the first Sirius Technology office in Melbourne. Since then, Sirius People has expanded into Frankston (Industrious People), and now includes Sirius Support and Sirius Sales & Marketing at Melbourne HQ.  

June 2010

About Us
In March 2013, Sirius Recruitment Group (now Sirius People) celebrated its 10 year anniversary! What started as a specialist Technology recruitment company in a spare bedroom in Coogee is now a national company with four divisions — Sirius Technology, Sirius Support, Industrious People, and Sirius Sales & Marketing.

March 2013

About Us
In March 2015, we rebranded our parent brand from Sirius Recruitment Group to Sirius People! Our purpose statement is Supporting People Success and we wanted our brand to better reflect this.

March 2015

About Us
Although Sirius Sales & Marketing has been around since 2009, it was still very much intertwined with Sirius Support. In September 2017, we relaunched the brand to coincide with our move to our Sydney HQ office!

September 2017

About Us
Sirius People is now 15 years old! What was once a company of two operating out of a bedroom in Coogee is now a company of 48 employees with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Frankston.

March 2018

About Us
Shortly after our 15-year anniversary, we opened our Brisbane office. We also officially launched Sirius Accounting & Finance, which was formerly under Sirius Support since 2006. This division specialises in the temporary and permanent recruitment of skilled Accounting and Finance professionals across all industry sectors.

June 2018

About Us
August proved to be a busy month with our Industrious People team moving out to the Sydney Suburb of Parramatta and our Melbourne team moving into our new CBD location at 517 Flinders Lane. Check out our office tour video to take a peek inside!

August 2018

About Us
In March 2022 on our 19th Birthday we launched our new brand Sirius Digital!

March 2022

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Our Story

Like many great companies, Sirius People had its humble beginnings. Our story begins over 18 years ago in a spare bedroom in Coogee with a cat named Dave. Two weeks later, we moved into our first official (albeit windowless) office on Market Street. It wasn’t long before Director Stephen Smith and our first and longest-standing employee, Jeremy Steele, took sledgehammers to the wall and knocked into the windowed office next door. And we’ve been growing ever since!

Steve had always liked the idea of running his own business, coming from a family of small business owners. After university, he joined a recruitment start-up, which shortly became absorbed by a larger recruitment agency. Steve felt squashed — the large corporations were inflexible and offered little opportunity for input. He wanted to work for a company that used the systems and processes found in larger agencies, combined with the core specialisation and customer care found in smaller businesses like his family's business. So, Steve founded Sirius People in March 2003.

Our business model may have changed from the early days of pointing out buildings to pitch in the Sydney skyline to the modern, online world of today, but our dedication to Supporting People Success every step of the way has been unwavering.

In fact, our oldest client was one we picked out from the skyline in 2006! Our partnership with them has allowed us to become deeply ingrained in their company and its culture to best help them succeed. They stuck by us even through the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, which saw the closures of many specialist recruitment agencies of our size.

With offices now in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, and Melbourne CBD,  we’ve placed over 42K candidates since opening our doors. To learn more about how we can help you with your specialist hiring needs, please reach out to one of our consultants.

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