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The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is the only membership body dedicated to professional recruitment. In Australia, APSCo began as ITCRA in 1998 before rebranding to APSCo in early 2018. 

The organisation offers risk and compliance checks to all its members so you can remain assured that any APSCo-certified business has annually undergone thorough screening on a business and individual recruitment consultant level. 

With new laws and regulations coming in — such as the Labour Hire Licensing regulations that became active in Queensland in July 2018 and Victoria in April 2019, and the impending GDPR laws anticipated to hit Australia’s shores — it’s essential to work with an APSCo-qualified partner who can answer and are accountable to legislation and compliance around staffing, as well as be able to better provide advice regarding our specialist areas.

Our Director, Stephen Smith, is Chair of APSCo Australia, and ensures that Sirius People is aware of any government regulations that could impact our business — and yours.

As part of our commitment to supporting people’s success, we’re incredibly proud to announce that we are APSCO’s most certified employer to date! At the beginning of 2019, we committed to having all our recruitment consultants APSCo-certified by the end of the year. With 20 fully certified recruitment consultants and another 15 underway, we are excited to announce that we are on track to our goal.

The deep scope of training allows you to rest assured that your APSCo-certified consultant understands the elements of compliance when working with both candidates and clients.

This includes training on:  

APSCo also works with governing bodies to ensure any APSCo-certified recruitment agency is up-to-date on the latest hiring and recruitment legislation. 

For example, with regards to the Labour Hire Licensing regulations mentioned above — APSCo worked with both the Queensland and Victoria governments when they were putting together the regulations. The Labour Hiring Licensing regulations introduced the harmonisation of WHS to ensure stronger compliance, education and best practice behaviours and outlined the penalties for entering into an arrangement with a provider or providing labour hire services without a license. 

APSCo relays these important regulation updates to its certified partners, so your business can avoid heavy fines for not being compliant with the new legislation. 

Currently, organisations that fail to comply with the new Labour Hiring Licensing regulations — both the labour hire business and the business who engaged the labour hire provider — are subject to hefty fines. In Victoria, non-compliant businesses could be set back over half a million dollars in fines. In Queensland, the organisations can be fined up to $391,650 and face up to 3 years in prison.

In addition to working with governing bodies to ensure the upholding of the latest hiring and recruitment legislation, some of the key projects APSCo will be supporting this year are:

For more information on how working with an APSCo-certified partner is beneficial to your business, please reach out to your recruitment consultant today!

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