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Sirius Sales & Marketing

Sirius Sales & Marketing

DSirius Sales & Marketing was first launched in 2009, underwent a transformation in late 2017 and now recruits across the Australian Eastern Seaboard. We specialise in the temporary and permanent recruitment of skilled Sales, Events and Marketing professionals across all industry sectors.

Sirius Sales & Marketing exists to support people looking to hire Sales, Events and Marketing specialists and do not have the time or resources to build the specialist networks required. We drive candidate engagement through networks, social channels, and direct human contact to find high-quality talent, with whom we work exclusively. Through this, we deliver high satisfaction ratings and reduced time to fill.

Our experienced consultants are skilled at identifying quality talent and connecting them with the right opportunities. We engage with broader talent communities through using social media and blogs to discuss industry-trending topics. We also use the latest digital marketing techniques to create online relationships and build talent communities through measurable campaigns.

Our screening process starts with an initial phone conversation before moving onto a face-to-face interview. All potential candidates are reference checked and, where relevant, will have completed comprehensive skills and psychometric testing.

We have the ability to present your company’s message in order to attract and select top talent from our highly-engaged network of active and passive candidates at all levels in the following areas:

  • Sales & Marketing

    - Digital

    - Finance

    - Fintech

    - Industrial/Technical

    - Infrastructure

    - IT

    - Manufacturing

    - Media

    - SaaS

    - Telco

  • Associations

  • Conferences

  • Events

  • Exhibitions

  • Not-For-Profit

To learn more about the Sirius brand and divisions, be sure to visit Our Company page.

To learn more about how Sirius Sales & Marketing can best suit your company's needs, please reach out to Danielle Johnson at

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