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Curious about becoming an IT Contractor? 

— Try it virtually risk-free with Sirius Technology —

We all watched as lockdown first hit Australia, forcing many employers to make difficult decisions regarding their permanent staff and sending employees to work remotely from home, often at reduced pay and reduced hours.

Hiring budgets were immediately slashed as part of business continuity planning and — even with the new financial year — jobs have been slow to return to Australian shores.

Despite this, hiring managers have found a way that allows them to bring in new Technology professionals, such as yourself, without having to fight for operational headcount. This means that in a hiring freeze, there are many opportunities for IT Contractors through a project budget rather than a hiring budget.

As this shift in the job market has no sign of significantly shifting back to pre-lockdown levels, many IT professionals are considering career changes – whether temporary or permanent – to support themselves.

Imagine what your career would look like if…

  • You could pick your next role;

  • You could choose when you work — both in terms of working hours and out of how many months of the year;

  • You had the flexibility to achieve the work-life balance you desire;

  • You made valuable industry contacts and obtain experience that will catapult your career;

  • You gained competitive skill sets and an understanding of different working systems and processes;

  • You get paid for the hours you actually work (hello, over time!);

  • You could state your daily rate (and don’t need to negotiate your own salary);

  • You had short notice periods — perfect if you’re in-between jobs or are looking to trial companies or roles to find the one that’s best for you;

  • And you still had access to staff perks, including health and wellbeing programs!


The most risk-free way to try working as an IT Contractor in 

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Why contract with Sirius People?

Regular Check-Ins

Unlike other recruitment companies who will place you in a new role and leave you to figure out how to integrate into your new team and to reach out to them again once your contract is finished, we will check in with you every step of the way.

This includes after your first day, first week, first month, and 6 weeks prior to the end of your contract to ensure that we are able to either extend your contract or able to find you a new opportunity.

Free resources to help you build your career as a contractor

Our recruitment consultants speak with hundreds of clients and contractors every week and use these unique insights to create free resources for our contractors, from how to make your CV stand out to interview tips and health and safety information.

These resources may be available through our website as blog posts, sent from your recruitment consultant as an exclusive PDF, or in an informative email, such as the regular health, safety and regulatory updates we provided throughout COVID-19.

Access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for you and your immediate family

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) now extends to all Sirius employees, contractors and their immediate families. The EAP is provided by LifeWorks, a global and independent organisation that provides psychological and human resource services — including coaching, counselling and consulting — by professionally trained, registered and accredited psychologists and experienced social workers.

The free service provides off-site and over-the-phone, confidential coaching and counselling to all contractors and their immediate family members at no cost to you or the contractor. EAP covers topics including but not limited to:

  • Life, family & relationships

  • Health & wellbeing

  • Education, work & career

  • Legal

  • Mortgage

  • Finance

LifeWorks also provides a self-help website and an after-hours emergency service national number to ensure you, your team, and immediate family are always supported.

Here’s what you’ll gain by contracting...

   ... with : 

   ... with other recruitment companies:                     

  Choose the companies you contract with, and the projects and challenges you take on to advance your career

 ✔ Choose the companies you contract with, and the projects and challenges you take on to advance your career

  Gain valuable contacts and future referees at some of Australia’s top companies

 Gain experience and future referees

 ✔ Gain valuable skill sets and understanding of different working systems and processes

 Gain valuable skill sets and understanding of different working systems and processes

  Create your own work hours and choose how many months of the year you will work

 Create your own work hours and choose how many months of the year you will work

 State your daily rate (and not have to negotiate it) and get paid overtime

 Choose your daily rate and get paid overtime

 ✔ State your daily rate (and not have to negotiate it) and get paid overtime

 They negotiate on your behalf

  The reassurance of working with an APSCo-certified recruitment partner

  Receive regular check-ins from your Sirius Consultant

 Learn of new, challenging contract opportunities FIRST up to 6 weeks before your existing contract finishes up

 Access to Sirius resources to help you from updating your CV to nailing your job interview through to upskilling tips

 ✔Invites to our Sirius Tech Talks event to network and discuss the latest technology innovations

 Immediate access to our mental health support to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

You’re protected by our  -certification and contractor care program!

By partnering with Sirius People, you can rest assured that our business as a whole and each of our recruitment consultant's has been audited and tested annually by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies to ensure that you receive the best contracting experience possible.

As part of our contractor care program, we also take care of:

  • Setting up your interview,

  • Negotiating your daily rates and contract with your potential employer, 

  • Handling your payroll so you’re not chasing or waiting for payment, 

  • Checking in with you regularly to ensure that you’re happy in your role, and

  • Finding new contract work for you 6 weeks before your contract finishes (or helping you extend your contract).

Meet your Sirius team

Sirius People is a specialist recruitment agency based out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We recruit contractors across a number of industries, including Technology, Business Support, Blue Collar and Sales & Marketing under our subsidiaries, Sirius Technology, Sirius Support, Industrious People and Sirius Sales & Marketing.

Since 2003, we have been supporting people success through building long-lasting relationships with some of Australia’s most successful, innovative and international companies. We believe in true partnerships not only with our clients but also with our candidates and contractors.

By becoming a Sirius contractor, you gain access to exclusive roles before they hit the job boards, unique company insights and interview tips to ensure that you present yourself as the best contractor for their role, access to exclusive resources to ensure that you’re prepared along every step of your career journey and immediate access for you and your family to our employee assistance program through Lifeworks.

Is becoming a Sirius contractor right for you?

   If you...

   If you...

 Are self-disciplined

 ❌ Need a lot of guidance to complete projects or tasks.          

 Find job satisfaction in producing excellent outcomes to business challenges.

 ❌ Think of a job as only a means to pay the bills. 

 Enjoy being your own boss

  Prefer to follow someone else’s lead.

Contractor work is for you!

Contractor work may not be the best career choice for you.

There has never been a better time to switch over to contract work

With the economic downturn brought on by COVID-19, many non-essential permanent employees were, unfortunately, let go or had their hours reduced to ensure business continuity throughout the pandemic.

But, as a Sirius contractor, you’re able to offer your unique skill set to some of the top companies in Sydney, as many organisations are starting to restart their vital projects and working with contractors allows them to:

  • Control project costs + risks: Engaging a contractor means that they have more control over short- and long-term costs; and can include your services as part of project costs, rather than operational headcount. We can pitch your services on a short term, long term, retainer or part-time basis; giving you the option to diversify your income streams for your personal financial stability.

  • Remain independent: Don’t like having a boss? Prefer working remotely from home? Do you want to pick your own hours? As a contractor, you’re your own boss! As long as you do your job well, these top companies will be singing your praises!

  • Take on the challenges you want: One of the reasons many of us get excited about a workday is the possibility of solving a challenging problem and learning new skills that will progress our careers. By engaging with a company on a project by project basis, you’re able to build up your desired and required skills sets quickly to get the dream job you want!

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