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Contrary to popular belief, the primary reason why new hires fail is not that they’re not technically capable, it’s that they don’t have the soft skills — a step that is frequently skipped during the interview process.

In fact, 46 per cent of new hires will fail in their first 18 months, according to a study by Leadership IQ. Of those who failed, the primary reasons were:

26 per cent couldn’t take feedback;

23 per cent are unable to understand and manage emotions; 

17 per cent don’t have the motivation needed to succeed;

15 per cent have the wrong temperament; and

11 per cent don’t have the necessary technical skills.

Depending on your source, the total cost of employee turnover varies from 30 to 150 per cent of their annual salary to restart the recruitment process.  

And that doesn’t even count the impact it has on your team’s morale and productivity!

In fact, 37 per cent of employers say that a bad hire negatively affected employee morale, according to a study by the National Business Research Institute. Another 18 per cent said the bad hire impacted client relationships, with 10 per cent of employers saying that the bad hired caused a decrease in sales.

Instead of directing you to the same, tired behavioural interview questions, we’d like to introduce you to our new partner, Ability Map.

AbilityMap is a competency-based recruitment tool that uses the next generation of HR strategies to match Job Profiles with candidates based on the competencies required for an individual to be successful in a role.

What are competencies?

AbilityMap evaluates candidates based on their behaviours in a four-part online test to determine the candidate’s core competencies, which fall under eight categories:

AbilityMap will then rank candidates against the Job Profile. This gives employers a clear list of what you should actually be looking for in high performer, as opposed to what you think you should be looking for. 

Whilst we all are looking to hire high performers in our respective industries, chances are you will be more likely to hire great contributors or underperformers. With AbilityMap, you can create high performer Job Profiles to evaluate candidates against. You can also use it to understand your team’s current capability and use it for development to ensure better performance from your existing team.

What all does AbilityMap offer?

  • An objective match between a role and a candidate, consistent results and higher performance.

  • Identifies the high-performance competencies to ensure a successful candidate in any role.

  • Identifies development areas for incoming and existing staff.

  • Identify more suitable roles for underperforming employees already in your business.

  • Establishes what a highly successful employee in your business would look like.

  • Feedback reports upon completion of Ability Imprint.

  • Immediate feedback to candidates regarding their strengths.

  • Candidate ranking reports.

  • Role suitability reports.

  • Job matching reports.

  • Interview and/or training recommendations specific to the Job Profile.

How can you gain access?

Our Sirius Accounting & Finance, Sirius Support and Sirius Sales & Marketing teams are now using AbilityMap as part of our candidate screening process.

We have worked closely with one of the AbilityMap founders to create high performer profiles for a variety of roles to test our candidates against. We also offer this service to our clients.

If you’re interested to learn more about AbilityMap or try it out for your next hiring intake, please reach out to your Sirius consultant today!

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