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Sirius Job Success Profile

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Hire top performers with our Sirius Job Success Profile. Every. Time.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely tried to hire a new employee at least once…

Your new hire had an impressive CV and brought great charisma to their interview, but as soon as they started, it was clear that they weren’t quite right for the role.  You're not alone - 2 in 3 managers in Australia admit to having made a bad hiring decision in the past 12 months!

We know how frustrating that is.

You spent all that time, effort, and budget only to decide on the wrong person — and now you’re worse off than before!

Your bad hiring decision cost you:

Up to 2.5 times that employee’s salary.

Team morale, productivity, and cohesiveness.

Negative feedback about your employer brand.

At least 49 hours from start to finish of the hiring process

Not to mention that wagging finger from company executives for hiring the wrong person when your organisation is still recovering from any employee turnover and increased employee workloads as a result of business continuity planning earlier this year.

Imagine never having to Google ‘[Job Title] responsibilities’ again because you have a data-driven list of the core competencies required to be a top performer in any role.

How would your recruitment process look like if you could:

Clearly articulate what success looks like in each role that you’re hiring for

Evaluate candidates in a measurable way at each stage of the process

Understand how a candidate will behave in a business context before hiring them

Confidently pick your successful candidate because you had objective data to back up your decision

Save your valuable time, effort and budget whilst drastically reducing the risk of a bad hire

Introducing the Sirius Job Success Profiles

Our Job Success Profile outlines the key competencies that drive top performance in new and existing roles so that you only hire the best.

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How does the Job Success Profile work?

We use the same technology as big companies, such as Salesforce, SAP, and EY, that objectively identifies the key competencies that drive high performance in any job by having top performers in that specific role across many industries complete a 4-part Digital Talent Evaluation.

These results were compiled by an AI-powered job profiling tool to determine the strongest, common competencies these top performers had and priority ranking them to create a Job Success Profile.

The Job Success Profile can then be used as a benchmark for excellence to evaluate candidates against, so you only hire the best people for your company.

Request your Job Success Profile today!

Learn the 8 competencies required for high performance

Understand the expected behaviours the role requires

 Learn the behavioural indicators of a high performer

Prioritise the role's key competencies

Determine a candidate's suitability prior to inviting them to interview

Usually, our job profiling service starts at $499.

Today only: FREE

More organisations trust our Sirius Success Map to find the best addition to their teams 

OurJob Success Profiles are the first step in our Sirius Success Map.

We use the Job Success Profiles with many of our clients to help them identify the critical competencies that they need for a successful candidate and set up a Digital Talent Assessment for all shortlisted candidates to undergo.

Candidates can easily log in from home to complete the digital competency evaluation, saving you valuable time by assessing a wide range of candidates in a short time frame and creating candidate buy-in to your company through an active recruitment process.

We then cross-reference the Digital Test Assignment results with the Job Success Profile to provide you with a Talent Match Reportthat provides you with a match score, as well as competency-based interview questions to help you identifyTHE ONE!

The Job Success Profile will work for you if you’re hiring within the following sectors:


Business Support




Accounting & Finance

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