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Hire the best IT specialists that Melbourne has to offer.

And finish your tech projects on time. To budget. Every time.
Pass us the brief! Our specialised IT recruitment consultants have mapped their specific technology vertical so we can send you highly qualified candidates while others are still writing job ads.

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Sirius Technology is a specialist  IT recruitment agency in Sydney and Melbourne.

We find candidates who match your technical skill set requirements and who have the soft skills to effectively communicate to important stakeholders and fit into your company culture

By painting a full picture of your business and what’s important to you, our specialist recruiters reach into our ever-growing specialist networks to quickly find exceptional candidates for you.

We find you the perfect match. Every candidate gets pre-qualified before we present our shortlist to you to ensure that your role and your company are also aligned with their career direction. This ensures a higher retention rate so you’re able to focus on finishing your IT projects.

Partner with us and see for yourself why we’re rated as the best recruitment agency in Sydney, Parramatta, and Melbourne.


Get the IT specialist you need!

You’ll love working with us because we partner with you to understand your business goals, vision, and needs before finding the best specialist for your team.

Start your candidate search off right with the Sirius Job Success Profile

Yes, you need an employee with a niche skill set. But you also need someone with the right soft skills to be successful in that role.

That’s why we offer the Sirius Job Success Profile to help you best define the soft skills required for a person to be a high performer in the role you’re hiring for.

We can then test shortlisted candidates against this profile so that you can trust that each person you interview has the technical and soft skills to help you finish your IT  projects on time and to budget.

Curious to see what a top performer looks like in the next role you’re hiring for? Get your free Job Success Profile here.

We source the best  candidates in the market

Sirius Technology has specialist IT recruiters in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Every day, our specialist IT recruitment team speaks to over 150 IT job seekers. This gives us access to Technology candidates who are actively looking — and passive one.

Our deep specialist networks means that we are connected with the best talent in Sydney and Melbourne. 

We’re in it for the long haul

We don’t place and run. We believe in building long-term partnership+s so that you can make the best decisions for your team.

Tech Talks — Join us for our quarterly Sirius Tech Talks events, where we invite our specialist IT candidates, contractors and clients for an evening of canapes, drinks and discussing the latest tech trends and innovations. Sign up for our next Tech Talks event in your city here.

The Sirius Way — Gain first access to exclusive ebooks, blog posts and market insights to guide you along your recruitment process from writing a job description through to remote employee engagement and retention. Join the fortnightly newsletter here.

Hot Candidates — We’ve got the best professionals in IT, Office Support, Sales, Marketing and Blue Collar in the market and we’re proud of it! Check out our top candidates here.

Certified IT recruitment specialists, so you can rest assured that your employer brand is elevated in the market

We are proud to be the most certified employer since 2019 through the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), which is the only membership body dedicated to professional recruitment. 

Every year, each of APSCo’s 316 certified businesses undergoes a thorough risk and legal compliance check by an external auditor.

Each of our consultants is certified within the first 6 months of joining Sirius People and are re-certified on an annual basis. This ensures that on an individual and business level, we can answer any questions and are accountable to legislation and compliance around staffing. 

Our Managing Director, Stephen Smith, is Chair of APSCo Australia, working with them to drive quality recruitment in Australia. This enables us to address wider issues for our industry through our membership with APSCo.

To learn more about APSCo Australia, click here.


Why 2,500+ employers choose to work with Sirius Technology

18+ years of IT specialists in our Sirius Database

Just as we partner with our clients — we also partner with our candidates to ensure that we’re able to help them find the next step in their career journey.

As we have access to some of the most sought-after skill sets in the market, we are able to dig into our deep candidate networks to provide the best person for the job — not just those who actively apply or reply to LinkedIn messages. This means you only need to hire once!

Immediate access specialised skill sets

When you engage a Sirius IT Contractor, you gain immediate access to the most sought-after skill sets in the market and take additional work off of your existing team. 

Split payments over 3 instalments

 Instead of paying the whole fee in one lump sum, the recruitment fee is split over three instalments for more effective cash flow management:

  • ⅓ of fee on job brief

  • ⅓ of fee on acceptance of our shortlist 

  • ⅓ of fee on acceptance of offer

Upfront payment and working exclusively with Sirius People enables us to prioritise your role(s) and to allocate a dedicated team to source the best shortlist of candidates through our network and to headhunt from in-depth market mapping.

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