Were you happy at work today?

Do you know that the average Australian will spend half of their waking lives at work? That’s 82,800 hours of projects, meetings, and coworkers. So why would you want to spend those years not enjoying yourself?

We know we wouldn’t!

That’s why we support our employees' success both inside and outside of work. Our culture is second to none and our people genuinely love coming to work every day.

At Sirius People, you have the opportunity to use your passion and unique skill set to help individuals and companies achieve success. If you strive to be the best at what you do and are committed to providing the very best service to your clients and candidates, we want to talk to you!

Come and join our tribe!


We are on track to becoming the Number One recruitment company supporting people success across Australia. Opening in 2003, we service a number of industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Business Support
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Blue Collar
  • Sales & Marketing

Read more about our journey so far to see how we’re getting there!

We have designed an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that goes above and beyond the traditional compensation and benefits. Our EVP is our promise to you that we will continue to create and build an effective and engaging work environment. Check it out for yourself below!

Annabel Preacher, Account Manager at Sirius Technology

I have been working at Sirius for 3 years now. During these past 3 years, my career has progressed quite considerably from Recruitment Consultant to Team Lead and now into an Account Management role. Sirius is great for recognising every person's strengths and passions, and maximising those!

- Annabel Preacher, Account Manager at Sirius Technology

Mike Zielinski, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Industrious People

It's still early days for me, and I love the fact that the team I have joined is buzzing. Our General Manager and the Team Leader have a great picture of what we are going to achieve and we are all excited about working together toward success. We are building the culture together and are very enthusiastic about our bright future at our new Industrious People office in Parramatta.

- Mike Zielinski, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Industrious People

Ana Marlene, Accounts Assistant at Sirius People

Sirius People is like a family. Family celebrates happiness and conquers challenges together. We clap our hands for our success and motivate others when they are facing issues. Knowing that I can rely on my coworkers makes coming into work a joy every week, and really shows our company values, as we work together to succeed.

- Ana Marlene, Accounts Assistant at Sirius People


We will help you develop

When you start at Sirius People, you will be given a clear, individual progression structure with benchmarks to achieve success.

We've promoted over 10 employees just this last quarter! From Trainee through to Team Leader,  each promoted employee receives executive coaching sessions to help them develop and grow within their new roles.

Our management team works with external coaches, who are the best in their trade, to ensure our managers are continually developing their skills and providing the best possible support to our employees.

And Sirius People doesn’t just focus on your professional development! If you hit your YTD target for 6 consecutive months, we recognise your efforts with $1,000 toward any personal development program of your choice.

We regularly review how our compensation compares with our industry peers to ensure we are maintaining our promise to give you the best level of remuneration and benefits available.

Competitive Salary & Benefits

We offer all our employees flexible working hours. This incentive was brought forward through our suggestion box by an anonymous consultant, and was implemented less than a month later!


You will have access to our Employee Assist Program (EAP), which provides mental health and professional services to you and your immediate family members — including coaching, counselling and consulting.

Health & Well-Being Services

We are dedicated to supporting people success — including those who need it most. Our company encourages our consultants to fundraise and volunteer for any cause close to their heart.

Giving Back

Every employee is given an additional day of annual leave on the anniversary of their start date at Sirius People! Take it whenever you choose! ​

Bonus Annual Leave Day Every Year

We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, feedback and suggestions. We are committed to improving our culture and put a clear focus on continuous improvement in everything we do.

Opportunity To Contribute

We operate in a high-performing culture that celebrates success. Each month, we host a Lunch Club of fine food and fine wine as a thank you to employees who perform well.

High-Performance Culture

Our CEO is on the board of APSCo and has access to the latest industry updates, giving us a competitive edge over other recruitment firms.

Fresh Innovation

Not located in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? No problem! We are happy to speak to anyone with a passion for recruitment and drive to succeed.

Attractive Relocation Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my day-to-day responsibilities, as a consultant?

No two days are the same at Sirius People. Your day will vary from calling and registering candidates, upskilling your current experience, to wining and dining clients. Adaptability and strong time management skills are the key to being successful in this role!

What will be expected of me during the first 30 days, 60 days, year?

During your first month, we provide you with a personalised training plan so you can hit the ground running. You will be expected to start building your candidate networks and start reaching out to clients. We will follow up with you monthly to make sure you’re getting all the training and support required to have a fully-functioning desk and working toward your first or even second promotion in your first year!

Where is the company going in the next 5 years?

From 2003 to 2018, we have grown from 3 employees based solely in Sydney to 67 spread across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Over the next 2 years, we are expecting to double in size, and, in 4 years, we expect to increase our headcount to over 150 employees.


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