What are the benefits of engaging in retained recruitment services?

by Sirius People

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As the financial year draws close, many businesses find themselves with leftover recruitment budgets. Instead of letting these funds go to waste, here’s a solution that will optimise your budget and set your company up for hiring success in the new financial year. This involves forming an exclusive partnership with us. 

If you’ve provided a job brief to multiple recruitment agencies, you know how it goes - recruiters race to find candidates that fit your needs, often leading to frustration on both ends. Recruiters spend countless hours sourcing and advertising, only to see another agency place the candidate. Unlike the contingent hiring approach, where consultants may not fully commit to the role, a retained recruitment arrangement ensures dedicated focus and better fulfillment of your requirements. 

Switching to a retained recruitment model offers a solution. Working retained means we give you our highest level of commitment, allowing us to find the highest quality candidates and build relationships to truly understand your needs. This approach aligns values and outcomes, ensuring better quality hires by paying a portion of the fee upfront. 

We are confident in our services and can guarantee a streamlined, effective hiring process that secures the best talent. Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Financial flexibility: Spread the recruitment fee over two or three payments (the overall cost is the same or less with a discount) – one in June and the second / third on presentation of a shortlist or on offer or start date of the new hire. This eases your cash flow while securing top talent.

  • Priority Service: Enjoy our highest level of commitment and priority handling, ensuring your roles are efficiently filled with high quality candidates. 

  • Enhanced Brand Protection: By working exclusively with us, your brand remains strong and consistent in the job market, avoiding the confusion and dilutions that comes with multi-agency representation. 

  • Comprehensive Recruitment Services: Benefit from a thorough, quality-driven recruitment process that includes crafting detailed job briefs, competencies and success profiles, post-placement support, candidate care, payroll management, and providing value-added content to keep you informed about market trends and changes. 

  • Time Efficiency: Avoid the hassle and frustration of recruitment by entrusting the entire process to us, allowing you to save time and achieve the results you need efficiently.

At the end of the day recruitment is about building a partnership to effectively address your staffing needs and harnessing the most valuable asset an organisation possesses- its people.

Reach out to us today to make the most of this offer and ensure your company is well-equipped for successful hiring initiatives in the new financial year.

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