5 Ways to Maintain Employee Engagement and Productivity

by Fionnuala Hegarty

Employee Engagement
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Employee engagement and productivity are key to workplace efficiency and productivity

“Business teams with highly engaged employees have a 59% lower turnover rate than those with less engaged staff.” (Thomas International, 2023)

1. Prioritize a culture that supports all of your people

High workplace engagement is directly linked to building an inclusive culture. The best companies inspire performance from their people by creating conditions where everyone is able to be their best.

However, building an inclusive and diverse environment is not easy and doesn’t happen on its own. If your culture doesn’t actively empower all of your people to feel accepted for who they are, then your work environment encourages your employees to be open and honest, be open to taking risks, or bring their unique perspective to the table.

2. Think about performance differently

Performance levels mean different things to different people, hence why productivity levels can differ. Whilst it's a simple measurement, the factors that influence it are varied and complex – everything from the tools people use to how their organization builds an environment that breeds success.

3. Help individuals become their best selves

Encouraging your employees to be open with ideas in the workplace allows for creativity and good ideas to flow. When teams can work fluently together, they inspire each other with ideas. These ideas may be a really well thought out marketing campaign, a new spark to grow the business or a different approach to business strategy.

4. Connect individual goals to the company’s mission

Every company should have their own individual goals and mission statements. If you don’t, this is something you should seriously consider putting together.

Anyway, use these company goals to align with the individual employee goals. When they align, the employee will be much more invested in the company and really want to strive to achieve the organization's goals and objectives.

5. Be a good leader

Some would say leadership has become more difficult but is also at its most critical point. Leaders who are attempting to empower their team have faced various challenges along the way and will continue to do so.

Work life balance is today's latest trend and it has become the latest challenge of organizational culture. Having to constantly update and review as to what your company can do for the whole person – not just the worker as all aspects are incorporated; the culture, resilience, performance – social, physical, financial and wellbeing aspects.

Trying to garner what the future holds is difficult to entail. The questions leaders ask themselves do not entail easy answers and they are accumulating.
Currently, the best approach for leaders right now is to be engaged and to nurture a culture of gratitude. Teams with engaged leaders are proven to be more engaged and appreciated, which leads to achieving your business goals and outcomes.

Although, it is important to note that employee engagement does not simply mean that your employees are happy or satisfied. A fully engaged employee is one who is personally and professionally invested in their work and company, proven by their willingness to go above and beyond for your business – and they know they are appreciated!

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