Careers Guide: Nine Recommendations to Help you Take Your Next Career Step

by Asmita Govind

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​In 2022, we saw a hiring market like no other. There were structural changes, redundancies, and career changes. A new year means a time to reset and review your career goals.

Whilst some companies have experienced restructures, others are going from strength to strength. There are a number of great opportunities available on the market.

  1. If you are looking for a new job opportunity, update your friends, family, and networks to let them know you want to change jobs - you never know where the next opportunity will come from. If people know you need work - they will keep you in mind when they hear of anything. My husband got an interview with a company because our neighbor forwarded a message that a hiring lead popped into his cricket club group asking if anyone knew someone who could help.

  2. If you have been made redundant, understand and know this is not your fault. You are still a resourceful person to society, your friends, and your family. Anyone who has gone through a redundancy will always feel this way - it sucks, and it can be hard to get up and get out of bed and know what to do next. But you got this!

  3. Make a list of what you want in your next job, and also a list of what you don't want. Just because you have been redundant, it doesn't mean you should take the first job that comes along. You need to think long-term.

  4. If you have ever considered a career change, let's face it we all have - This is the opportunity that could help make that change happen. Rather than just applying for roles it is best to work with a career coach here. The results that they can help bring are phenomenal. I have personally placed candidates who have worked with Petra Zink and Adele Leah, if you need a recommendation.

  5. Update your resume, portfolio, etc. Most importantly, update and utilize free job seeking tools like LinkedIn (mark that you are available, update your profile), and SEEK (update your profile with your latest CV). Update recruiters in your network with your latest role requirements and recent CV. It's crucial to be job ready when the next opportunity presents itself.

  6. Take time each day to check out what jobs are being advertised, connect with people hiring in your sector, and try to meet with people who can provide you with genuine advice about salary rates, role availability, etc. Also, there is information available online, but hiring managers, internal recruiters, and agency recruiters who know their space can help too.

  7. Research and practice for your interviews - Connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn, read the position description, and Google the company. An interview is just as much for you as the hiring organization. You need to know if you are a fit for them as well. Research and practice will help with that.

  8. If you have been affected by company changes, it's important not to take this personally. This is a business decision. However, there will always be a lot of support offered in the form of EAP programs, your current manager, your friends, and family, etc. Remember to use the support around you, as needed. You are not alone.

  9. This last bit is tough to say, and it's definitely easier said than done. You need to accept that this has happened, and then move forward in a positive way. It doesn't have to happen right away, but it does need to happen.

I do hope that these steps and tips can help get you ready to find your new career challenge. As an agency recruiter, the worst interviews are when potential candidates go in and speak negatively about their former and current employer, or when they constantly blame a situation for everything. No one wants to say it but - these things happen.

What is important is how we react to the situation. We need to grow, learn and move on. As a hiring lead you want people in your team who will exhibit these traits in their work, so now is the opportunity to show that.

If anyone wants to have a chat about new job opportunities in 2023, please reach out to one of our Recruitment Consultants.

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