How to maintain and improve your employee engagement remotely?

by Sirius People

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Employee engagement was one of the first priorities dropped when business continuity planning and the sudden transition to work from home became a business necessity, but it’s what will carry your organisation through this changing landscape.

Even though some states are easing up on restrictions and lockdown, it’s realistic to expect that a majority of white collar, non-essential workers will continue to work from home to ensure that there is no second wave of the virus.

However, as remote work continues to stretch on, employers are beginning to worry about the impact of their employees working from one another and away from the workplace itself.

And for good reason!

The required response to COVID-19 has blurred the line between work and life for many employees, and has led to anxiety, frustration and burnout.

When left unaddressed, these feelings can affect employees’ levels of productivity and engagement, which leads to poor work quality, errors and eventually influencing your organisation’s bottom line.

With 85 per cent of employees not being engaged in the workplace, your organisation may be missing out on a number of benefits for your business and overall team culture such as:

So, how do you maintain and improve your employee engagement remotely?

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