24 Step Checklist To Hiring Your Next Superstar

by Sirius People

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Getting hiring right is critical in building a high-performance team and delivering strong output. However, too often the process is rushed and not given the diligence it deserves.

As a people leader, you understand how rewarding it is when you hire an excellent candidate and, conversely, the frustration of a poor hiring choice or frequent churn in your team.

This checklist is intended to be a quick guide for leaders with hiring responsibility to refer to throughout the recruitment process. It starts with what to consider before you begin hiring (the most overlooked step), how to attract and effectively assess a candidate's potential, managing the offer and ensuring their first few weeks in your organisation sets them up for success.

To learn more about what you need before your hire, tips for attracting quality applicants, how to assess candidates, offer management, and onboarding, download your 24 Step Checklist To Hiring Your Next Superstar here.

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