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Sirius Success Mapping

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A data-driven recruitment roadmap so you consistently hire top performers.

No more hiring, onboarding and training new employees only to discover that they’re not a good fit for the role. The Sirius Success Map uses top performers as the benchmark for success so you can confidently and consistently hire the best person for the job.

So, you’re hiring a new employee.

You’ve put out a job advertisement and after sifting through hundreds of applications, you’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of whom you believe to be qualified candidates.

Your new hire had an impressive CV and brought great charisma to their interview but as soon as they started, it was clear that they weren’t a good fit for the role.

And it wasn’t long until you had to let them go — or worse — they saw that the grass was greener somewhere else and left.

You spent all that time, effort and energy finding this person, onboarding and training them only to add to your team’s attrition rate. And now you’re back to square one!

We know how frustrating that is. 

Especially since you don’t actually know what went wrong during the recruitment process — and now you’re stuck repeating the recruitment cycle that led you down this path to begin with.

That doesn’t work for you; and it doesn’t work for us.

Say goodbye to…

… Relying on a ‘gut feeling’

Hiring is one of the most costly investments that a company can make. A bad hiring decision can cost you:

Up to 2.5 times that employee’s salary

Team morale, productivity, and cohesiveness

Your employer brand, making it harder to attract top talent.

At least 49 hours from start to finish of the hiring process— not including the hours of onboarding and training required for them to do their job and the time it takes to rehire

And now you’re frustrated because you have to start from scratch again.

So, why risk such an important decision on an inexplicable gut feeling that this person will be a good fit for your company?

… Psychometric testing

You know it, and we know it — psychometric testing doesn’t work.

Psychometric testing tools promise that they reduce hiring times and turnover so you can hire perfectly the first time.

But, we both know that’s not true.

At its best, you’ll receive a meaningless percentage for your candidate’s personality and aptitude that — apparently — is good.

At its worst, you’re back to square one in the recruitment process because your preferred candidate can’t progress any further if they’ve failed the test — and you don’t really know what went wrong in your screening process apart from their failing grade.

… and say hello to reliable, repeatable recruitment 

Sirius Success Map was designed as a measurable and actionable recruitment process to evaluate your candidates’ soft skills, so you can not only see who is the most innately qualified for the role but also dig into the areas where they might need training around.

This allows you to have the best picture of your new hire when they come into the business so you’re able to best support them from Day 1.

How does the Sirius Success Map work?

We use the same technology as big companies, such as IPSI and Bespoke, that objectively identify the key competencies that drive high performance in any job by having top performers in that specific role across many industries complete a 4-part Digital Talent Evaluation.

These results were compiled by an AI-powered job profiling tool to determine the strongest, common competencies these top performers had and priority ranking them to create a Job Success Profile.

This provides you with a clear list of what you should actually be looking for in candidates, not what you think you should be looking for.

We then use the Job Success Profile as an objective benchmark to evaluate candidates against to see how each candidate’s core competencies scores against top performers in that particular role, as well as interview questions tailored to the weaker areas of each candidate’s Digital Talent Evaluation.

The Sirius Success Map offers a data-driven recruitment strategy so you’re able to consistently hire top performers for your company.

Consistently hire top performers with the Sirius Success Map

Identify the 8 competencies required in a top performer

Establish what a successful employee looks like in your business in any role

Immediate feedback after a candidate does their Digital Talent Evaluation

Candidate ranking reports

Role suitability reports

Competency match reports

Interview questions to dig into shortlist candidates’ weak spots

Total value: $2,500

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Now offering a complimentary remote work success check

With many organisations still working from home on a full-time or part-time basis, it’s never been more important to make sure that your future employee has the soft skills they need to be successful at home.

As part of our Sirius Success Mapping for any role, we can also cross-reference your shortlisted candidates against our remote work job profile to make sure that your new employee will thrive as a remote worker — and provide you with behavioural insights so you can best support their unique work style.

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The Sirius Success Map will work for you if you’re hiring 

within the following sectors:


Business Support




Accounting & Finance

More organisations trust the Sirius Success Map to find the best addition to their teams

Whether you’re replacing an employee who’s moved on or are looking to hire an entirely new role for your business — the Sirius Success Map offers a clear, data-backed recruitment process to help you find a top performer for your team.

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