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Modern Anti-Slavery Policy

Sirius Technology Pty Ltd in association with Sirius People Melbourne Pty Ltd, Sirius People Brisbane Pty Ltd, Sirius Business Solutions Pty Ltd, Industrious People Pty Ltd, Sirius Technology Brisbane Pty Ltd, and Sirius Office Support Pty Ltd is committed to operating all of its business activities to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.  We are committed to providing a respectful environment for all workers, free from discrimination, abuse, and exploitation. 

Modern slavery is defined as including eight types of serious exploitation:

  • trafficking in persons,
  • slavery,
  • servitude,
  • forced marriage,
  • forced labour,
  • debt bondage,
  • the worst forms of child labour, and
  • deceptive recruiting for labour or services. 

We are committed to ensuring there are no modern slavery concerns in our business or supply chain.

We provide recruitment and labour-hire services to Australian businesses, specialising in finding specialists for the Technology, Business Support, Sales & Marketing, Blue Collar or Accounting & Finance industry. 

We are not a reporting entity under the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 or NSW Modern Slavery Act 2018.  We understand the importance of transparency across supply chains in order to present accurate information on real and potential slavery practices, and in order to provide the means by which such practices can be eliminated.

Accordingly, we commit to assessing and monitoring the risks of modern slavery in our business and through our own supply chain and taking action to eliminate such practices.

Our approach to monitoring modern slavery is based on key three principles:

  1. Build meaningful relationships with partners – this includes partnership up and down the supply chain.  In particular, this includes:
    1. Providing awareness of modern slavery through engagement and training,
    2. Communicating our expectations through clear open discussion and agreements
    3. Recognising and responding to the potential for inappropriate practices through questioning.
    4. Providing timely and accurate information on supply practices, and any actions being undertaken to eliminate modern slavery.
  2. Adopt a risk management approach, both internally and with our suppliers to identify high-risk areas where modern slavery could be present, and evaluate and monitor these risks.
  3. Recognise the leverage we have to influence change.  Consider how our own business practices could influence and contribute towards inappropriate practices, such as where supplier prices are unusually low. 
Modern Anti-Slavery Policy                                                                                                                               
Sirius Technology Pty Ltd ACN: 121 195 999; Sirius People Melbourne Pty Ltd ACN: 143105131; Sirius People Brisbane Pty Ltd ACN: 162 409 574; Sirius Business Solutions Pty Ltd ACN: 124 103 886; Industrious People Pty Ltd ACN: 627 931 300; Sirius Technology Brisbane Pty Ltd ACN: 628 954 521; Sirius Office Support Pty Ltd ACN: 121 195 962
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