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Mid-Level PHP Developer

Candidate #514929

Meet Candidate #514929, a young technology enthusiast with strong skills in PHP, React.js, Vue, SQL and AWS. Creates secure and maintainable code for end clients.

🗓️ Available from 7th June 2024

📍Located in Inner West Sydney

🔒 Open to Permanent Opportunities

💰 Salary Expectations include 120K + Super

💃Enjoys German Folk Dancing

🌎 Australian Citizen

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Senior PHP Developer

Candidate #388046

Meet Candidate #388046, a Senior Developer who has been in the industry for almost a decade, and has worked with startups right up to corporate enterprises. Skilled across PHP (Core as well as multiple MVCs & Laravel) CMS, MySQL, AWS & JS frameworks.

🗓️ Available from 21st June 2024

📍 Located in North Sydney

🔒 Open to Permanent Opportunities

💰 Salary Expectations include 150K + Super

⚒️ Enjoys DIY Projects

🌎 Australian Citizen

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​Senior Python Developer

Candidate #514593

Meet Candidate #514593, a dynamic and innovative Senior Full-Stack Web Developer with a deep understanding of software development. Highly skilled in Python (Django, FastAPI, Flask), Javascript, AWS, CI/CD, SQL, Kafka.

🗓️ Available from 24th June 2024

📍 Located in South Sydney

🔒 Open to Permanent Opportunities

💰 Salary Expectations include 160K + Super

👩‍🌾 Enjoys gardening

🌎 Permanent Resident

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Senior Python Developer

Candidate #153804

Meet Candidate #153804, has rich experience of commercial software design with an advanced understanding of object-oriented programming, algorithms, and data structures. Strong skills in Python, Java, Scala, high frequency/low latency systems, and C++.

🗓️ Available from 30th June 2024

📍Location: North-West Sydney

💰 Rate Expectations include 1,100p/d + GST

🔒 Open to Contract Opportunities

🎮Enjoys video gaming

🌎 Australian Citizen

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More candidates coming soon...

More candidates coming soon...

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Meet the PHP/Python Team

About Ruby:

It is my priority to deliver the best PHP/Python talent on the market and support your hiring needs.

With a deep understanding of both languages, development methodologies, and the latest tech trends, I can expertly assess a candidate's technical skills. But that's not all. I go beyond the code to ensure they align perfectly with your company culture and values.

My passion lies in fostering innovation and building dynamic teams that drive digital transformation. Let's work together to propel your business forward in this ever-evolving tech landscape.

​P.S. I am always on the ball, updating this page and making sure I have the finest PHP/Python talent at your fingertips. However, if you have any other hiring needs, feel free to reach out to me at

About Aimee:

Drawing from extensive experience and a well-connected network within the Melbourne PHP & Python markets, I am dedicated to understanding my client’s requirements and delivering the ideal candidate who compliments the companies values and culture.

I am connecting with top talent daily, both active and inactive developers and am constantly updating this page but if you want to reach out for a confidential chat you can reach me at

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