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Engage A Sirius IT Contractor

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Try before you buy with a Sirius IT Contractor! 

How our contractors can help you achieve your business goals, without the risks of permanent hire!

We have seen one of the most sudden upheavals across all industries in recent history, with business continuity planning forcing many companies to make difficult decisions regarding their staff and sending employees home to work remotely, often at reduced hours and pay.

Despite this rapid restructuring, the transition to working from home and subsequent remote work challenges, the figurative dust is settling on this new reality and many organisations are now pushing ahead with their new financial year plans.

Job ads have rebounded 39.7 per cent in June 2020, with a focus on hiring Technology professionals to complete vital company projects that may have initially been postponed. 

So, how do you hire in this economically uncertain time?

One of the least risky ways to bring in new skill sets to your organisation is through engaging new employees as IT Contractors.

Why you should engage a Sirius IT Contractor

Control over short- and long-term costs

By engaging a Sirius IT Contractor, you’re able to determine how long your company requires their services and whether you’d like to extend their contract, should you require an extension or decide to ask them to become a permanent hire. This enables you to retain full control over your short- and long-term costs.

Use your project budget, instead of operational headcount

As a Tech contractor is brought in to help with specific projects, you’ll be able to include their daily rates as part of your project budget, as opposed to the operational headcount that you’re allocated. Try before you ‘buy!’

Access to specialised skills

With many teams getting smaller as a result of the economic downturn, your team may not have the time or resources to upskill your existing employees — particularly if they’ve taken on additional work from former colleagues who have since left your business. When you engage a Sirius IT Contractor, you gain immediate access to the most sought after skill sets in the market and take additional work off of your existing team.

Engage self-motivated, high-performing workers that require minimum supervision

As contractors are their own boss, they will work hard to ensure that they can gain your business in the long run! This means that you are able to focus on your own tasks and responsibilities and manage your team without the distraction of training a new team member.

Here’s what you’ll gain by engaging a Tech Contractor...

… with Sirius Technology:

… with other recruitment companies:

Working with a dedicated specialist recruitment consultant to gain access to the best contractors on the market Working with a recruitment consultant to find a candidate
 Access to LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Talent Insights, Seek Talent Search and SEEK advertisements, including classic ads, premium ads and stand out ads to ensure your ability to attract the top actively- and passively-looking contractors
 All shortlisted candidates presented to you have been pre-interviewed to ensure suitability for the role
 All shortlisted candidates have undergone a ‘Tech Test’ to ensure that they are fully capable of the role
 Offer management handling and rejection management handling to ensure the best possible employer brand outcome Offer management handling
✔ Post-placement check-ins with both you and the contractor after the first day, week, and regular intervals thereafter
 We manage payroll for all Sirius contractors They manage payroll for their contractors
 We will help you extend your Sirius contractor’s contract or help you convert them to a full-time employee at your company, should you require their services for longer Varied responses on contract extension or change over to permanent hire
 We support our Sirius contractors’ mental health, as they and their immediate families have access to our Employee Assistance Program at no cost to you or them, allowing them to focus on work at work

*As outlined in our Terms of Business.

You’re protected by our APSCo-certification and contractor care program!

By partnering with Sirius People, you can rest assured that our business as a whole and each of our recruitment consultants are audited and tested annually by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) to ensure that you receive the best recruitment experience possible.

As part of our contractor care program, we also take care of not only the recruitment process but also: 

  • Negotiating your potential contractor’s daily rates and contract on your behalf, 
  • Handling payroll, 
  • Checking in with you regularly to ensure that you’re happy in your Sirius contractor, and
  • Helping you extend your IT Contractor’s contract or replace them if need be.

Meet your Sirius team

Sirius People is a specialist recruitment agency based out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We recruit contractors, temps and permanent employees across a number of industries, including Technology, Business Support, Blue Collar and Sales & Marketing under our subsidiaries, Sirius Technology, Sirius Support, Industrious People and Sirius Sales & Marketing.

Since 2003, we have been supporting people success through building long-lasting relationships with some of Australia’s top Technology professionals and contractors to build specialist candidate communities and ensure a quick turnaround for our clients.

By engaging a Sirius contractor, you will gain access to the top contractors in the market — many of whom have worked with our largest client, one of the Big 4 — unique company and competitor insights, and access to exclusive resources to ensure that you’re prepared along every step of the recruitment process and in engaging and retaining your existing employees.

Is engaging a Sirius Tech Contractor right for you?

If you...

If you...

Require a specialised Tech skill set and do not have the time, resources or role longevity to upskill your existing employees Do not need additional Tech help within your team
Need to continue vital projects Do not have a clear project timeline or outcome
Want control over long- and short-term project costs and risks Do not want to ‘try before you buy’ when it comes to hiring new employees
Need an additional set of hands to take the workload off of your existing permanent staff Do not need an independent, self-motivated, high-performing professional, who requires minimal supervision, to help your team members.
Hire your first Sirius Contractor today!Please speak with your Sirius recruitment consultant about other hiring alternatives.

There has never been a better time to hire a contractor

With the economic downturn brought on by COVID-19, many non-essential permanent employees were, unfortunately, let go or had their hours reduced to ensure business continuity throughout the pandemic.

But, by engaging a Sirius contractor, it provides an excellent alternative when many organisations are under hiring freezes during this economically unstable time.

There are a number of benefits of hiring contractors during economic instability, such as:

  • Continuation of vital projects: Hiring contractors keep your projects going. The pandemic may have also brought new opportunities to support or provide services to their customers when ‘time to market’ is crucial, and/or to facilitate internal necessities (i.e. digital transformations).
  • Control project costs and risks: Hiring contractors means you have more control over short- and long-term costs. They can be included in project budgets, as opposed to operational headcount costs, and can be available on a short term, long term, on retainer and part-time basis.
  • Build an agile and sustainable workforce: Contractors provide the skills and resources needed to advance and complete projects, whilst your permanent staff can focus on their normal workflow.
  • Independent mindset: As contractors are their own boss, they are often self-motivated, high performing and require minimal supervision.
  • Prepared for remote work: Although only 7 per cent of contractors worked remotely on a regular basis pre-COVID-19, 90 per cent of contractors have been able to work remotely full-time during COVID-19 restrictions. As they are independent traders, they are also responsible for ensuring their remote work environments. This preparation means lowered transitional costs from office work to work from home.
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