Stephen Smith

Chief Executive Officer


I am the CEO and Managing Director of Sirius People and its companies. I moved to Australia in the late ‘90s and have since built a life, a career, and a family in Sydney's northern beaches. I believe in working hard, keeping fit, striving for and supporting potential in self and others, and spending as much time with family as possible. Any time outside of that (and there isn't much), you can find me on one of my bikes.

As one of the founders of Sirius People, I am committed to driving the strategy and growth of the company and its ever-expanding network of niche clients and candidates. Sirius People is expected to double in size in the next 5 years, making it the #1 recruiter on the Eastern seaboard by 2022. From the inception of Sirius People 15 years ago up to 2018, we have placed over 37,000 people in incredible roles, representing approximately half of 1 per cent of the employed workforce. By 2022, we expect to double this, our vision to be to have placed 1 per cent. Steve is very clear about our vision and how to get us there.

A big part of Sirius People’s philosophy is our commitment to building a strong culture, and a leadership team that’s focused on developing our recruitment team to reach their full potential. Sirius People’s dedication to its recruitment consultants makes the office a fun and positive work environment. It’s why we have the best recruitment consultants to help clients find the most qualified and personable candidates and help candidates find incredible opportunities at amazing companies!

Currently, Sirius People is expanding with two new offices to open this year in Brisbane and suburban Sydney, respectively. So if you are a recruiter looking for a new place to call home, please check out our Work For Us page and send us your CV and a cover letter!


I held my school's all-time high jumping record in the "under 14" category!



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