Samantha Butler

National People & Operations Manager


I am proud to be the Operations & Marketing Manager at Sirius People and have been with the company since 2014. When I first started with Sirius, I began as an Administrator for our Industrious People division before moving into the Office Manager role then Ops & Marketing position. Sirius People are an amazing recruitment company that really do support people success, both internally and externally, with my own story proving this point.

In my current role, I manage an awesome Marketing team to develop campaign ideas, and increasing our reach across social media platforms and email marketing. This helps our Consultants build their own professional branding in line with the business.

I’m also the first point of contact for our Consultants whenever they have questions regarding the different systems and software we use, or if they want to have an event for our clients or candidates.

I have an extensive background in administration and operational roles. I love helping people achieve success and most of all I love that I get to help create the environment that our fantastic consultants work in every day!


I am absolutely petrified of birds, absolutely love sharks, and think dolphins are right show-offs!



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