Koenraad Moltmaker

Manager, Sydney


I am a senior recruitment specialist with 12 years' experience in Technology recruitment. I have placed over 300 Technology Professionals with more than 100 clients. Currently, I manage the Sirius Technology team at the Sydney office.

In my day-to-day, I train and develop the growing careers of our recruitment consultants. As a former recruitment consultant, I have lots of hands-on experience to draw from when training and developing my team. One of the things I appreciate about Sirius People is the supportive environment and team-oriented culture they’ve built. I feel like there’s a great platform for communication and feedback, and growth opportunities for our team, which creates a great deal of trust between the Leadership team and our consultants.

I really enjoy watching my team develop, contributing to the growth of Sirius People, and breaking the standard rules of recruitment. Sirius People’s culture is all about helping our team overcome challenges, and watching people thrive and succeed.

So if you’re a recruitment consultant looking for an amazing company to work with, please check out our Work For Us page.

If you’re a client or candidate who is looking to hire or find a new opportunity in any of the following specialties, please give me or my team a call!

We specialise in finding/hiring Architects, UI/UX Designers, Software Developers, Front End Developers, Mobile Developers, Product Managers, Project Services, Salesforce Specialists, Testers, Development Managers , CTO's and IT Managers.

To learn more about the latest Technology market insights in Sydney, check out my market snapshot!


I was once called a penguin whilst surfing at Manly beach. I thought it was because of my style, but there was actually a penguin surfing the wave with me. 

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