Jason Bidwell

Account Manager


I have been working in Technology recruitment across all verticals for over 15 years, starting in the UK and Europe, before moving to the Greater Sydney Area for the last 10+ years. Throughout my career, I have developed and refined my abilities to identify the core competencies of a job requirement and provide consultation based upon hiring and retaining new and existing staff.

At Sirius Technology, I really enjoy the positive and energetic atmosphere, which is unlike any other recruitment agencies I've worked with. In my day-to-day role, I work with clients to understand their company environment and culture to best represent them to candidates. As I’ve worked across the entire SDLC, I’m able to find skills in the market that they have difficulty finding.

As a dedicated account manager, I am the point of contact for my clients within our business. I truly partner with your business to ensure I understand your business needs for the next financial year and engage with stakeholders to assist you in your recruitment roadmap — particularly when ramping up for projects. I take the time to get to know your business in-depth and build the talent pools for skill sets your business currently needs or will require in the foreseeable future. I also work with our dedicated specialist team to ensure our clients receive top talent, as per their requirements.

My clients also gain access to our exclusive client-only library of resources that cover everything from market analysis through to attracting, selecting, engaging and retaining your staff.

If you’re looking to hire or are looking for a new opportunity at some of Australia's top companies, please reach out!


I race BMX in my spare time.


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