Fei Wong

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Recruitment Consultant


I recruit across the Business Intelligence (BI) and Data space in Sydney. Previously, I worked in Business Development, where I spoke frequently with Head of Business Intelligence and Head of Transformation for a number of companies about strategy and how to make full use of their BI capabilities.

Having worked in the BI and Data space for a few years now, I like learning about how BI/Data professionals work. Everything from what they do with the data, how they acquire it, and how it will benefit the business are all incredibly interesting topics to me and it allows me to gain greater insights into the ever-changing market landscape. 

For clients, I have built and fostered a strong network of BI/Data candidates. As I speak with my candidates daily, I know about the latest technologies that candidates are using, who’s actively and passively looking for new career opportunities, and market updates. 

As for candidates, I can offer advice on the latest technologies companies are using and looking for, as well as any upskilling you may want to consider to be competitive in the BI/Data space.

So if you’re looking for a new career opportunity or are looking to hire a new BI/Data professional, please feel free to give me a call! 

To learn more about the latest market insights in the Business Intelligence & Data Analytics space, check out my market snapshot!


I like extreme sports, like white water rafting and bungee jumping. But Iā€™m afraid of tiny, little cute animals.

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