Dhwanee Mehta

Agile Recruitment Consultant


I am a passionate, determined recruitment consultant, who specialises in the Agile space. Prior to joining Sirius, I worked in recruitment in both the Technology and Insurance industries for 1.5 years.

As an Agile recruitment specialist, I speak with a number of candidates every day and know who is becoming available in the next three months. For my clients, this means I have my finger on the market pulse and am able to deliver highly qualified candidates in a timely manner.

For candidates, this means I’m able to provide informed support and feedback throughout the recruitment process — from improving your CV and interview skills through to post-placement check-ins.

If you’re an Agile specialist looking for an exciting new role or are looking to hire an Agile professional, please give me a call!


I can eat a jar of cookies in a day.

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